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San Diego Wedding DJs should meet the following criteria to help make your event most successful.


Being able to manage the timeline for the night is one of the critical aspects of being a wedding DJ, and making sure that the venue and vendors are all in sync is just as important. You don’t want to start off, say, a special dance without the photographers and videographers ready, or you don’t want to kick off the cake cutting song without knowing that everything is prepared first.


Many DJs double up as the MC. I fit into this category, and I can tell you there some technical elements that you need to overcome. For instance, you need proper mic skills to get the crowd’s attention from behind the DJ’s booth, and you’ll also need to be on your toes when cueing music and fading in and out of tunes at just the right time.


Focusing on your wedding client's music requests and still engage their guests to join in creates a happy balance for everyone to remember.


Professional Equipment and Back ups